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In Austria you need 13kwh/Cubic Meter for the wastewater treatment. Ordered yesterday a Membrane Biogas 1m^3 with Dehydrator and Desulfurizer for about 500 EUR with a small light mobile Glasshouse as Mini Family Biogas Plant. maybe would be interesting if harvesting the Sun Energy for a Biogas Reactor on the roof of this Building is more efficient than a PV Plant - or a combination known from Italy: Glasshouse PV Hybrid...?

Nikolay Ivankov

I'm just curious: why using wind power is not an option? In such a windy place as Utrecht?

What I also could not have gotten from any of the articles: are you supposing to have water pumped to each floor? Or to each floor with a toilet if they are not on every floor? Or to the kitchens only?

kris de decker

@ Nikolaj

Indeed, students also need to pump water. And we do make use of wind energy. Both topics will be dealt with in future articles.

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