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Martin Buuri Kaburia

Awesome invention

The Disaster Guy

I would like some details on how much power the human power plant produces with the different input mechanisms described, and with different numbers of people participating. Could results be described in wattage, amperage, voltage produced, or in horsepower? A power plant that produces no power is just an exercise machine. Thank you!

kris de decker

@ The Disaster Guy

That's the next step. Until now, the challenge was to make it work.


I just came across this article not long after hearing on the radio how Irish women in sedentary computer jobs snack the equivalent of an extra 50 days'-worth of calories each year through boredom - cakes brought into work, fatty and sugary coffee drinks, soft drinks, doughnuts, muffins, crisps, biscuits etc.

I said to my wife, what's needed is a machine that will dispense these goods only after the equivalent in calories has been expended.

So what about that: you put your money in a vending machine, start pedalling (or whatever) with the energy going into a storage device or the grid and then the requested item pops out once you've worked hard enough.

I don't think it's too stupid an idea, though it may take a long time to get your Mars Bar. Maybe a machine you pedal at your desk, linked to the vending machine?


Funny project. A bit of cosmetic, maybe to make it sexier.

So.Waste energy to built a machine to collect energy from under employed energy people... Well. Isn't a bit weird to you?
I cant help but feel that like an attempt to hide a wrong way of living.
Something filthy.

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